The Give and Grow Workshop Series

In collaboration with community partners, The Give and Grow hosts workshops for young womxn in the Toronto community. Our goal is to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones, and engage in challenging yet meaningful conversations that allow us to grow. These workshops create opportunities for mentorship, creative expression, and most importantly a safe space for young womxn to bloom into whomever they want to be. 

Workshop: The Give and Grow House

The Give and Grow House is a monthly community event in collaboration with the Patchwork Collective ( and Mack House. Young womxn are given the opportunity to customize their own unique basketball planters, while engaging in meaningful conversations that involve planting seeds of intention and learning how to water them into existence. During these workshops, young womxn are paired up with influential mentors in the community that have overcome similar barriers as them. We want to help young womxn grow into future leaders by providing them access to spaces free of judgement and mentors that can help shape their learning.