Community - The Give & Grow Workshop Series

In collaboration with community partners, The Give and Grow hosts workshops for young womxn in the Toronto community. Our goal is to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones, and engage in challenging yet meaningful conversations that allow us to grow. These workshops create opportunities for mentorship, creative expression, and most importantly a safe space for young womxn to bloom into whomever they want to be. 

Workshop: The Give and Grow House

In collaboration with community collective Patchwork and sneaker design space Mack House, we developed The Give and Grow House. The Give and Grow House is a monthly workshop where young women are given the opportunity to customize basketball planters. Throughout the design process, the participants are engaged in meaningful conversations with influential mentors in the community. These conversations center around planting seeds of intention and learning how to water them into existence. What makes this workshop unique is that our mentors are women who share similar lived experiences as our participants and are trailblazing in areas of interest to the young women. This fosters seamless connections. We intend to create a workshop that unites creativity, conversation and community. Our goal is for young women to grow and flourish, and we can support this by providing access to safe spaces and mentorship.

Due to Covid, our in-person workshops are on pause but stay tuned to @thegiveandgrow on Instagram for information on how to participate.

Workshop: HOMEGROWN IWD 2021

March 8th marks an annual global celebration known as International Women’s Day. Although we know that every day is women's day, IWD calls attention to women's social, economic, cultural and political achievements worldwide. This day is also a call to action for women's equality.

This year's International Women’s Day theme was #ChooseToChallenge. As women, we often walk into spaces and analyze the room. We acknowledge who is in the room with us and the space we are occupying. We may think to ourselves, what perspective am I bringing to the table? What value do I add? How do my experiences differ from everyone else? As a woman? As a woman of colour? Does where I grew up impact who I am? We choose to ask these questions, but how can we challenge the status quo?

Leading up to IWD, on March 7th, 2021, we hosted Homegrown, a virtual event centred around fostering a sense of connecting to our roots/self and setting the foundation to foster growth. In partnership with community leaders Dez from @patchwork.collective, Basma, host of the @callmecrazypod, and Jodianne from @noiregirlsplant, three digital workshops were facilitated for 15 youth ages 16-22 simultaneously. We ended off our session with a collective yoga mindfulness practice led by Jenny.

Our intention with Homegrown was to provide tools and conversations that encouraged young women to challenge themselves. Each workshop consisted of different activities that centred around wellness, planting affirmations and understanding core values. To elevate the event's impact, a wellness kit was curated in support of local women-owned businesses. Homegrown was a testament to the power of the women in our community who challenge themselves, others and societies expectations to produce change. We raise our hands in solidarity to show that we are committed to this challenge and to call out inequality when we see it.
We look forward to continuing to engage with young women in our community. women are powerful, let us all continue to exercise this every day!

Written by Dez Bailey